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Blind Fury

Blind Fury - free java game download Blind Fury is the son of Cherokee, Chief of the Red Sedans. As a child his unrivalled valor kid earned him that name. It seems that black manna supplies are running low and the survival of the tribe is doubtful. So Blind Fury volunteered to find the legendary land bound in snow and ice, where polar bears wander the streets of cities, and inhabitants swim in ice-holes and drink essence of black manna: as legend has it, there the tribe will have need for nothing till the end of the world. But the way to the mysterious land lies through deserts and glaciers, and who knows what dangers lie ahead for a solitary four-wheeled traveler.

This is the original storyline to the fun and exciting cartoon adventure game Blind Fury. Explore two full scale game worlds: a burning savannah and an ice desert, battle enemies(not all of whom may be harmful) and utilise your ability to turn into an unstoppable monster.

Dynamic gameplay won't let you to quit playing!

1 - jump left
2 - jump
3 - jump right
4 - left
6 - right

Screen Size: all devices

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Download java game to Mobile Download Blind Fury java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 695831

Download java game to PC Download Blind Fury java game to PC:
JAR file: blind_fury.jar [192.37 Kb]
JAD file: blind_fury.jad [364 b]


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Blind Fury
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