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VITO Sketch Artist v2.6.1

VITO Sketch Artist v2.6.1 - download free pc pocket software SketchArtist is a drawing application based on the character description method used by the police and security services. The program features meccano-like interface, over 1000 facial features areavailable for use. Graphic sources are taken from the police databas eutilized in real-life crime detection.

Partly a game, partly aserious application, SketchArtist provides numerous ways of use ineveryday life. It allows creating amazing collages of your friends,sharing home-made "faces" of celebrities, exchanging funny images of aspeaker with your colleagues while attending some boring conference.

Created images can be exported to .bmp and used in third party applications including address books and for your mobile phone attachments. SketchArtist helps to avoid verbal misunder standing when you try todescribe somebody's appearance: you simply sketch a face!

Sketching is really easy, it's like putting parts in a meccano!

choose a facial feature from menu Select (most elements are available for male/female)
use thumbnail bar to scroll through the list of available items and choose one of them
repeat steps to add more facial elements
use stylus or keypad to move items on the screen (applied to active element)
use sliders at the right bottom corner to stretch/shrink items vertically or horizontally
use the tool bar at the bottom for zooming, full-screen preview, one-step undo/redo and delete

Fast, flawless and easy-to-use!

VITO SketchArtist works like a meccano, it does not require any special training and is simple to use even for children. From a number of facial features, you have to choose one and manage it with stylus or keypad. The features can be moved, streched and tightened in various ways, which makes no limits to your fantasy!

Includes over 1000 facial features!

This is a bulk of graphic elements enough to create almost any real-life human face. The graphic database includes items both for male and female faces such as haircuts, eyes, noses and more, and some additional elements such as moustaches, beards and glasses. All graphics are based on the Russian police database utilized in real-life crime detection.

Pocket PC WM 2002, 2003/SE, WM5

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Download to PC Download VITO Sketch Artist v2.6.1 to PC:
VITO_SketchArtist_v2.6.1.rar [2.02 Mb]


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omnia i900
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