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Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 - best pocket pc game Based on the award-winning, intense and cinematic first-person action game that transports gamers to the front lines of World War II.

Immersive first-person touchscreen controls
Compatible with the 2700G graphics processor found in both the Dell Axim x50v and x51v
Works with GoForce5500, the upcoming nVidia mobile graphics chip
Software accelerated 3D graphics means that a graphics processor is not required to play
12 Single Player Levels spanning 3 campaigns
Battle using authentic American, Russian, German, and British WWII weaponry.
Multiplayer over WiFi and mobile broadband coming soon

System Requirements:
Supported Pocket PC operating systems include Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Windows Mobile Smartphone edition.
You will need a personal computer running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or later with Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 or later (4.5 is the latest version) to install the game onto your handheld device.
CPU Requirement: 400 MHz and above Intel Xscale Processor
RAM: 28mb of free RAM
Supported Pocket PCs: Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v, Dell Axim X51v, Dell Axim X30, HP iPAQ hx2410/2415, HP iPAQ hx2700/2750, and HP iPAQ hx4700/4705.

Recommended Hardware:
For the software version of the game, we recommend 500MHz and above Intel XScale processors. This includes the Dell Axim X51 and X50. We also recommend that your device has a touch screen.

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
Pocket PC 3D Accelerator (Axim x50v/x51v)

Best Pocket PC game

Download to PC Download Call of Duty 2 to PC:
.cab file [32,4 Mb]
.exe file [29,2 Mb]

.cab file [mirror]
.exe file [mirror]


    Downloads: 22783 | 18 may 2009
# 1    by: ignoni | | (7 may 2009 12:41)


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super shooting game
# 2    by: Plohoy | | (7 may 2009 15:46)


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sehr gut
# 3    by: UniNol | | (12 may 2009 14:24)


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good! super!
# 4    by: Grokus | | (12 may 2009 17:28)


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great thanks
# 5    by: Pad | | (25 august 2009 21:49)


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# 6    by: nei | | (14 august 2010 17:57)


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es un buenisimo juego me gusta mucho

es muy beun juego
# 7    by: Vladan | | (5 january 2011 14:34)


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