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Red Sector 2112

Red Sector 2112 - Pocket PC Free Ware Game The game utilizes our custom realtime ray-casting engine to deliver a realistic 3D playing environment.

Realistic 3D Environent
Real-Time Lighting, Shadow and Reflections
First Person Perspective Gameplay
Various Weapons and Ammo to Collect
Telescopic Sights
Night Vision
Jet Pack
Multiple Save Game Feature
Gamma Setting
Multiple Detail Levels
Custom Key Configuration
Difficulty Levels
Expandable Mission Pack Compatible

The year is 2112. Decades of neglect had reaped havoc upon the inhabitants of planet Earth. Global climate changes resulted in the accelerated melting of polar ice caps which in turn had swallowed large areas of previously populated land mass. Combined with the rebirth of nuclear power and the numerous disasters which followed large parts of our planet were rendered un-inhabitable. Earth's resources are at an all time low and can no longer sustain the uncontrollable population growth.

Born out of this turmoil came mans desire to start again, and create a new Eden in which all races and religions could live together in harmony. United with this common goal, man began a massive collaborative construction program on neighbouring planet Mars. Within 25 years of stepping foot on the planet over 10% of Earth's inhabitants were relocated with promises of a better life for their friends, families and children. The future looked bright for those that had risked everything to make the journey.

However, we weren't the only life force that had plans for Mars. Alien beings from a far off galaxy had already taken an interest in our solar system and it wasn't long before the threat of little green men became a reality.

Taking control of our planets however was no easy task. For years aliens had secretly abducted small but significant numbers of humans and administered some mind altering process which turned them into walking zombies before re-introducing them back into society to fight the battle from within.

In order to get the upper hand man built the ultimate fighting machine in his own form. This being was part android, part human, whose sole purpose was to protect human life and seek out and destroy the enemy.

You are that fighting machine...

This game requires a 400Mhz processor in order to run at acceptible speeds. By default the installation selects medium detail level. Anyone lucky enough to own a 600Mhz Pocket PC should be able to run at high detail level. A low detail level is also provided for those with poor LCD refresh rates such as those Pocket PC's with the Media Q graphis chip.

Pocket PC Free Ware Game

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    Downloads: 5892 | 30 july 2009

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