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Battle for the White House

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Battle for the White House - java game Ever dreamed of becoming U.S. President? There's no need to graduate from Yale or Harvard anymore! Just download Battle for the White House onto your cell phone and get ready to face or play all the top candidates in the race. Spice up the elections as you take part in the wackiest political mini-games around. Heat up a debate room with your dance moves, box against your fierce opponents, blow off demonstrators on the way to your limo, sign autographs while avoiding hysterical fans and much more! 70+ hilarious challenges await you in the mobile game that will make politicians' heads spin!

Features Battle for the White House game:
The craziest game to match the craziest hoopla of 2008: the U.S. presidential elections!
Play 70+ different challenges within wacky mini-games: dance, box, run, roll, break, or fight!
Choose a party and candidate, and unlock 8 different locations for your own presidential campaign!
Face or play up to 6 primary star candidates: Clinton, Giuliani, Obama, Edwards, Romney, Thompson.
Also features a guest appearance by the White House's current tenant, George W. Bush!
2 main modes, 3 levels of difficulty and a ""Hall of Fame"" to keep track of all your achievements.

Genre: Other Games
Screen Size: 176x220, 240x320
Vendor: Gameloft

Java game

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Download java game to PC Download Battle for the White House java game to PC:
battle_for_white_house.rar [1,06 Mb]
battle_for_white_house.rar [mirror]


    Downloads: 7449 | 4 september 2009
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no bad
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love it!!
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sucking game. suking usa polticions

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