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Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2

Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2 - download java game Decision Day has come! The Royal Air Force and the US Air Force set out to liberate France from the German invaders! Yet, there are dangers looming ahead that are much greater than expected. The Germans have fully devoted themselves to mythology and are excavating powerful artefacts in order to gain the upper hand in the war! When the mightiest one of these relics is found, forsaken souls awaken to new life. Darkness spreads across the land and the most dreadful warriors of the skies return from afterlife. It's up to you to confront them, to stop them and to defeat them once again! The Aces of the Luftwaffe are back and their army ascends from the shadows!

ACES OF THE LUFTWAFFE 2 is available as of now.

Game Features:

Sequel to the action-packed Shooter-Adventure
Epic storyline with a movie-like presentation
More action and even more explosions
30 challenging levels, from Omaha Beach to the Ardennes
Old and new flight manoeuvres help you to survive the war
Free movement on the screen
Dangerous enemies on the ground and in the sky
Potent power-ups for maximum control
Mighty artefacts enable powerful special abilities
Level-up system with selectable upgrades
3 difficulty settings: Rookie, Ace, Legend
3 different game modes: Campaign, Air Battle, Dog Fight
Exclusive soundtrack for an immersive experience

Genre: Action
Screen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 208x208, 240x320, 352x416
Vendor: HandyGames


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Download java game to PC Download Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2 java game to PC:
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_128x128.jar [270.27 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_128x128.jad [376 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_128x160.jar [273.15 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_128x160.jad [376 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_176x208.jar [375.92 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_176x208.jad [399 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_176x220.jar [539.67 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_176x220.jad [399 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_208x208.jar [294.29 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_208x208.jad [404 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_240x320.jar [622.35 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_240x320.jad [399 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_240x320_s40.jar [456.85 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_240x320_s40.jad [408 b]

aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_352x416.jar [520 Kb]
aces_of_the_luftwaffe2_352x416.jad [399 b]


    Downloads: 8781 | 21 september 2009

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