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Golden Revolver

Golden Revolver - download java game

Golden Revolver free mobile java game
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Welcome to the Wild West!

Long ago, in the wild, wild west Among the prairie, cactus and cowboys severe. They told the legend of the bounty hunter, never known to miss, whose guns were made of pure gold. Even the most severe and blood thirsty bandits quivered at the mere mention of his name because nothing could save that for someone was a legendary hunter. Entire band ceased to exist overnight, and only coyotes eaters of corpses, were witnesses to what happened to them. Not one of the cowboy, who had heard the legend of the Golden revolvers, went in search of precious weapon and its owner, to disappear forever hunter did not know mercy, and only gold could briefly to soften his character. Those days are long gone, but in the heart of the prairie is still living memory of the fierce hunter, and his gold revolver, and smoked the smoke over the sand, where blood was shed in its victims.

Feel yourself a legend!

Game features:

Bright, realistic graphics and special effects;
Unmatched dynamics cowboy shoot-outs;
Environment, which is comparable to some feature films;
Easy management;
Hundreds of opponents and the most real showers of lead;
Drawn out and enduring atmosphere of the game;
Availability games in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish

Genre: Adventure
Screen Size: 240x320, 352x416
Vendor: QPlaze

Don't rename files. Qplaze games have some secure. If you rename file or don't have original jad file game say "Demo version".
Instal over jad file.

Download java game

Download and install: Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

Download java game to PC Download Golden Revolver java game to PC: [790.31 Kb] [913.18 Kb]


    Downloads: 8471 | 22 october 2009
# 1    by: Dvornikov | | (23 october 2009 17:25)


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super mobile shooter!
# 2    by: acrodedourl | | (24 october 2009 02:25)


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ok, +1

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