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Tankzors - The Mission: To Kill Time!

Tankzors - The Mission: To Kill Time Battle City Game
Tankzors Game Tankzors - The Mission: To Kill Time!

You have just found a new gametan-tar-aTankzors! Its a Java game based on the classic NES game Battle City. Remember it? You dont? Heh!

You are a tank and you drive around and blow the heck out of everything in sight. Tankzors are pretty simple. Sometimes you have to blow up the enemy, and other times you have to make your way through walls or other obstacles. You will get coins for every crushed enemy. With the help of these coins you can upgrade your tank and install 35 various types of weapons available through the games "workshop" feature. There are 40 different mission levels to complete in the desert, roaming through the dunes, at the enemys base, making your way through steel and concrete or fighting your enemies in vast grass fields. On each level you can pick up different power-ups. You will have to learn what weapons to spend your money on in order to pass a specific level. In addition to that you can download extra levels from the Internet.

Its a "must-try" game, check it out! Tankzors manages to combine elements of strategy and skill in a manner that is still easy to play.

Every next mission will become harder and harder, enemies will grow stronger and smarter, enemy radars and cannons will appear making it more difficult to complete your mission. We recommend you to take advantage of hints between levels and bonuses located in the game field - they will help you to defeat your enemy.

Game Controls:

1 or left soft key - pause, game menu or cancellation of weapons choice;
Arrows - control the tank;
* and # - weapons choice;
0 - quick change of main and additional weapons;
7 - enter the workshop (if the tank is on the base);
9 - change of the information displaying;
3 - switching on the radar.

Genre: Action, Shooter
Screen Size: All Screen
Vendor: DaSuppaStudios Ltd.

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Download java game to Mobile Download Tankzors - The Mission: To Kill Time! java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 924039

Download java game to PC Download Tankzors - The Mission: To Kill Time! java game to PC:
JAR file: tankzors.jar [298.34 Kb]
JAD file: tankzors.jad [391 b]


    Downloads: 19315 | 25 april 2010
# 1    by: Okolofer | | (12 may 2010 19:39)


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# 2    by: Perovanov | | (15 may 2010 22:42)


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super tanks spiele! Danke!!
# 3    by: Juliet | | (17 june 2010 12:50)


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I will like to have this game on my mobil phone

Java i dont understand what you mean

Java i want to download tankzor the mission to kill time on my phone

Your games are wonderful

How can i be gettin more of your games on my phone
# 4    by: bullet | | (3 january 2011 22:29)


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i would like
# 5    by: dickster | | (21 february 2012 08:26)


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it's nice to play this game

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