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Adventure Island

Adventure Island Dendy Games
Adventure Island Adventure Island

Adventure Island is an exciting platform game where Master Higgins goes against some nasty enemies.
During the game, try to kill as many enemies as possible to get a higher score. Collecting fruits will earn you more points.
Crack the eggs in the game to get weapons or even a skateboard, which lets Master Higgins move faster.
Now go ahead and enjoy 16 beautiful but dangerous levels of excitement on Adventure Island.

Genre: Adventure
Screen Size: 128x160, 240x320, 176x208, 176x220
Vendor: Hudsonsoft

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Download java game to PC Download Adventure Island java game to PC:
adventure_island_128x160.jar [89.46 Kb]
adventure_island_128x160.jad [432 b]

adventure_island_176x208.jar [89.89 Kb]
adventure_island_176x208.jad [456 b]

adventure_island_176x220.jar [89.89 Kb]
adventure_island_176x220.jad [456 b]

adventure_island_240x320.jar [146.53 Kb]
adventure_island_240x320.jad [457 b]


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the game was very nice
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i love to play this game and i wana download this game plz plz give me one easy way to download this game................
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plese download this game

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