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Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter arcade java game
driving force game Spy Hunter

Maintaining its roots for an arcade look and feel, this game is a driving force. Rip through Classic Mode as you throw down oil slicks to impede your enemies. Burn through Enhanced Mode brandishing updated weapons like flame throwers. Switch rides for a speedboat! Steer through roads littered with bad guys hell bent on revenge and try not to hit civilian vehicles. PLAY SPY HUNTER FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE RIDE!

Game Features:
- Classic Mode includes arcade-original graphics, enemy characters, weapons and sound effects
- Enhanced Mode includes contemporary graphics, enemy characters, weapons and sound effects
- Top-down scrolling action
- Continuous gameplay without levels
- 7 enemy characters with an additional 5 when played in Enhanced Mode
- 7+ weapons
- Enhanced Mode may not be accessible on all devices

Genre: Action
Screen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640
Vendor: Electronic Arts

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Download java game to PC Download Spy Hunter java game to PC:
spy_hunter_128x128.jar [125.31 Kb]
spy_hunter_128x128.jad [395 b]

spy_hunter_128x160.jar [131.69 Kb]
spy_hunter_128x160.jad [394 b]

spy_hunter_240x320.jar [551.59 Kb]
spy_hunter_240x320.jad [366 b]

spy_hunter_320x240.jar [464.21 Kb]
spy_hunter_320x240.jad [366 b]

spy_hunter_352x416.jar [506.36 Kb]
spy_hunter_352x416.jad [367 b]

spy_hunter_360x640.jar [448 Kb]
spy_hunter_360x640.jad [443 b]


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