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IQ Perfect Body

IQ Perfect Body Everybody wants to look perfect, to have a body that all people envy. But even if you dont look perfect, youre still normal, or maybe you just put a little weight. If youre health is not threatened by your weight, then you have nothing to worry about.

Your phone can tell you now how your body feels and if you need to do something about your weight. With IQ Perfect Body, you can ask your mobile phone if youre healthy and beautiful in the same time.

Believe me, it knows the answer!

Screen Size: All Screen
Vendor: IQ-mobile

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Download and install: In most cases you will only need to download and install the .JAR file but if that doesn't work, you can try to download and install the .JAD file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

Download java application to Mobile Download IQ Perfect Body java application to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 486101

Download java application to PC Download IQ Perfect Body java application to PC:
JAR file: iq_perfect_body.jar [99.26 Kb]
JAD file: iq_perfect_body.jad [436 b]


    Downloads: 5523 | 22 august 2010

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