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Supreme Airfighter

Supreme Airfighter World War II air battles battle airships

Can you hear the booming in the sky? Its the enemy coming.

A cloud of fighting machines covered the sky and hid the sun and only one man can stop them.

The Supreme Air Fighter.

You are to take part in the hitherto unknown air-battles of World War II. You will fight with superior enemy forces agile fighters, battle airships, heavy strike fighters and huge flying fortresses covering half of the sky.

Youll have to use classified types of weapons and air defense, fly dozens of kilometers and destroy thousands of enemies.

Let the air fill with pieces of enemys planes, let the rivers boil under them and the earth set on fire by their wrecks! Now you are alone in the sky full of iron and fire and destiny of the whole Europe depends only on you!

Supreme Airfighter Game Features:

- Vivid graphics and special effects, explosions, flashes and disabling shadows;
- Plenty of different enemies and enormous bosses;
- Dynamic and absorbing gameplay;
- Possibility to play with three different planes;
- Excellent optimization and high game speed even on low-end phones;

Genre: Action
Screen Size: 240x320
Vendor: Qplaze
Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish

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Download java game to Mobile Download Supreme Airfighter java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 720719

Download java game to PC Download Supreme Airfighter java game to PC:
JAR file: supreme_airfighter.jar [134.53 Kb]
JAD file: supreme_airfighter.jad [334 b]


    Downloads: 6609 | 2 november 2010

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