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Cyclotomix Tetris games

Cyclotomix - Tetris games free download for Pocket PC A special gift for the ones who like tetris games. If you feel a sort of squashed up within a regular square and you want new sensations and twists of fortune, this game is made for you. Global climate change and cataclysms have made their point in good old games too. Constant whirlwinds and tornadoes have bent the square game field so it has become .... a circle! But that is not all -- whirlwinds and storms still live and rage there.
You will ladle new feelings out of the game you`ve known for a long time!
Your mission remains the same: just put the blocks in lines and collect points.
The closer the line you create is to the heart of the storm -- the more points you get. The stronger the hurricane is -- the higher your score is.
Try to lay down several lines at a time, for it will multiply your score.

Are you ready to confront the future?

Download Cyclotomix:

Supported Devices: (Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003)
Acer: N10, N30, N35
Asus: MyPal A716
Dell: Axim X3 (300 MHz), Axim X3 (400 MHz), Axim X3i
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox 410 BT, Loox 420 BT/WLAN, Loox 610 BT
HP: iPAQ h4150, iPAQ h4350, iPAQ h5550
Mitac: Mio 168, Mio 336, Mio 336 BT, Mio 339, Mio 558
Toshiba: e350, e400, e750 BT, e750 Wi-Fi, e800 BT, e800 Wi-Fi
Viewsonic: V37

Download to PC Download Cyclotomix to PC: [827.27 Kb]


    Downloads: 3800 | 10 september 2007

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