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Mobileplay - application software download Mobileplay delivers news, weather, finance, sports, blogs, games, trivia, movie listings, travel info, and more. All for free. Content updates are 10X faster than a browser and 10X easier to view and navigate on a mobile device. Easy download and install.

Application software download

Content partners include USA TODAY,, Sporting News, PC World, Fodors, and more. Download via wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or desktop cradle/cable sync. Sync-and-go delivery stores updates on the device, so they can be viewed offline. Mobileplays peer-to-peer features allow users to save or share articles, games, and more with others both in and outside of the Mobileplay network.

Download Mobileplay:

Supported Devices:
Audiovox: Maestro
Dell: Axim X5 (300 MHz), Axim X5 (400 MHz), Axim X3 (300 MHz), Axim X3 (400 MHz), Axim X3i
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox 600, Loox 410 BT, Loox 420 BT/WLAN, Loox 610 BT
HP: iPAQ h1910, iPAQ h1940, iPAQ h3760, iPAQ h3850, iPAQ h3870, iPAQ h3950, iPAQ h3970, iPAQ h5450, iPAQ h4150, iPAQ h4350, iPAQ h5550
Mitac: Mio 338, Mio 528, Mio 168, Mio 336, Mio 336 BT, Mio 339, Mio 558
NEC: MobilePro P300
Toshiba: e310, e330, e570, e740, e740 BT, e740 Wi-Fi, e350, e400, e750 BT, e750 Wi-Fi, e800 BT, e800 Wi-Fi
Viewsonic: V35, V37
Acer: N10, N30, N35
Asus: MyPal A716

Download to PC Download Mobileplay to PC: [1.68 Mb]


    Downloads: 4442 | 22 september 2007

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