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Missile Math - Action Game Download

Missile Math - action game download Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defend earth`s cities from enemy math missiles. Your only weapons are your brain and your trusty laser cannon. Watch out for phantom missiles. You`ll have to be quick to figure out the answer and destroy the correct enemy missile before your cities are reduced to rubble.

Easy to play. Hard to put down. Simple to configure. The longer you defend your cities, the more difficult it gets. This arcade style game will build basic math fact skills, including Additon, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.


Excellent arcade style action
Color graphics support
Sound effects
Increasing levels of difficulty
Instructions to get you started
Configurable number ranges
Great for children learning their math facts
High Score table
Improves SUB, MULT, DIV, ADD skills

Download Missile Math:

Palm Palm 160x160 Colour compatible version

Download to PC Download Missile Math to PC: [20.57 Kb]

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    Downloads: 3360 | 24 september 2007

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