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Nebulus - action game

Nebulus - action game download The aim of the game:
You need to pass 8 levels (towers) one after another.
While playing the game you can move to the left/right as well as jump, shoot, go up and down in the lift, enter the doors.
Be careful with monsters, as any contact with them leads to your dropping to the previous floor (or lower).
If you fall into the water at the bottom of the tower, you will lose your life.
Only 5 lives are available to play a game.

You can kill monsters shooting them, but remember: not every monster can be killed.

Also, you should remember that the time given to you to reach the top of the tower is limited.
As soon as the time is over you will lose your life.

Take your chance!

To install this game you should synchronize the "Nebulus_xxx.prc" application to your device.
Files can be installed by using the Desktop S/W or just any other application.

Note! You should selectonly one appropriate file which is suitable for your device.
For color device (320x320, Palm OS 5.0 and greater, 16 Bits): Palm Tungsten T / C, Zire 71, NX60/70, NZ90, ...

For color device (160x160, Palm OS 3.5 and greater, 8 Bits) - Palm IIIc, Sony Clie` PEG-N760/N610/T615/T625/T655, SJ22/30/33, Palm m130/m505/m515, Visor Prism, Visor Treo 90/270/300, Sony Clie` PEG-NR70/NR70V, Sony Clie` PEG-N700/710, ...

For B/W device (160x160, Palm OS 3.0/3.1, 1 Bits ) - Palm III/IIIx/V/Vx/m105/m125/m500, Zire, Sony Clie` PEG-S360, Visor Treo 180, Sony Clie` PEG-T415/T425/SL10/SJ20, ...

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Stylus Control
To start moving in the desired direction you need:

1. Touch the screen in any point with the stylus and lead a short line in the desired direction.
2. Don`t separate the stylus from the screen to continue moving in the chosen direction.
3. To stop moving separate the stylus from the screen.

To start going up in the lift touch the screen with the stylus and move it upright upwards.
After that the lift will go automatically.
To enter any of the doors also move the stylus upright upwards.
To jump (to the right/left) touch the object and it will jump in the direction it is aimed to.

To shoot you can use the buttons on the side of PDA:
1. Sony Clie - press Jog Dial, Back Button, Capture or Voice Recording button
2. Palm Tungsten - press Voice Recording button.

Sound Volume
Sound effects adjustment is performed in this window.
To switch off the sound completely, use the "Mute"function.

To register this game you are to purchase it at:
After purchasing this game you will be e-mailed the registration code that is to be entered in the registration window. After entering the code push the "Ok" button.

Download Nebulus:

Palm Palm 160x160 Colour compatible version

Download to PC Download Nebulus to PC: [443.07 Kb]


    Downloads: 4096 | 24 september 2007

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