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Colonization of Mars - action game

Colonization of Mars - download action game The Story

The mankind has always dreamt of discovery of new worlds. That is its essence - to discover and conquer the unknown. In 2004 the first bore is winged to the planet Mars from NASA. The target is reached in 2006. The robot, winged from the bore, reached the surface successfully. Its target was to discover and study the existence of microorganisms, substances, needed for the presence of life and the conditions on the planet themselves. At that time the scientists were still dreaming of the day, when they would be able to create and disseminate on Mars colonies of microorganisms, chosen from the Earth. These colonies should not only survive, but should adapt the extremely dilute atmosphere on the planet for living, by processing the carbon dioxide and disjoining the oxygen.

The colonization of Mars happened quite later by an irony of fate. The reasons were different and very complex. The natural resources on the Earth run out in 2035, far before the expected period. People started working over the discovery of substitutes of the most widespread power sources years before that. In 2017 was discovered the new main power source - the water - by synthesis of the hydrogen in its composition. In this memorable day nobody assumed, that even this power source would be spent years later! People started searching for new alternatives of the obtaining of power, when in the end of the 21st century it became clear, that the water was not an unlimited power source, because of the huge number of planet`s inhabitants. The first bases of the newly established Earth`s republic were built on the Moon. Their designation was synthesis and extraction of hydrogen from the ice crystals, available under the surface of the Moon. The single terrestrial satellite was used as a base for the establishment of the First earth colony as well. Many factories and spaceports were built. They were used for the settlement on Mars, planned for year 2113, for study of the conditions of extraction of water from one of the satellites of Jove - Europe and for possible future settlement of the mankind on worlds outside our Solar system. At the same time the conditions on the Earth were getting worse and worse. The pollution reached tremendous dimensions, though all the undertaken precautions. Also the number of people on the Earth was more over the bravest forecasts ever made. All this led to the decision of sending the first cosmic settlers on Mars. The risk was big, but there was no time to waste. The first galaxy travellers landed on Mars in 2041. The building of the New World started. The conditions on the planet were getting better quickly and the number of the new settlers was increasing. Thousands of new cities were established. In 2174 a team of colonizers came upon a strange find in the Great Marsian canyon. Deep under the surface they found odd objects, which could not be likened to anything known till that moment. Strange incidents began to happen shortly after the return of the discoverers in their colony... The whole colony burned down in a day. The reason was unclear, but it quickly spread out in all colonies. The scientists found the reason in the last survivor colony - unknown parasitic state of life, appropriating man`s mind and causing strange aggressive actions. Teams for fighting the parasitic state of life were established. They should localize and neutralize it. There was still a hope for the saving of the colony on Mars...

The destiny and the future of the mankind are in your hands!

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Game Play

The aim of the game is to uproot the alien infection from the colony. You have ambulances, fire engines, military vehicles and army fighters. When an alien vehicle or shuttle appears, you should quickly find it. After that send an attack vehicle (if the alien is a vehicle) or an army fighter (if the alien is a shuttle) to it. This vehicle or army fighter attacks the alien, if it arrives in time. If they do not arrive in time, the alien vehicle or shuttle crashes into an unspecified building, which ignites. You should send immediately ambulance or fire engine to the burning building. The fire engine puts out the fire and the ambulance transports the wounded people to the hospital. The game ends after certain time. The score is calculated according to the city damages.

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