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MegaBattle download strategy game

MegaBattle - download strategy game Description.
The good old "ShipBattle" - a classical game you`ll always wish to play!
Do you feel the need of something really fresh and thrilling with lots of fun and excitement?
Then try this classical "ShipBattle" game and prove your squadron to be the most invulnerable.
To install this game you should synchronize the "MegaBattle.prc" application to your device. Files can be installed by using the Desktop S/W or just any other application.

Game rules.
At each player`s disposal are 10 ships:

1 four-decker, 2 three-deckers, 3 double-deckers and 4 deckers.
At the beginning of the game a player arranges at his own discretion his ships within 10x13 square field.
Ship arrangement is performed with the help of a stylus.
To shift a ship to the left / to the right/ upward / downward, touch it in the middle and start shifting it in the desired direction.
To rotate a ship, touch its edges and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise. The battle starts with the first shot.
A player wins the battle if he managed to drown all his rival`s ships before losing his own.

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New Game.
Game type - game type selection. When "Normal" is selected, each player can shoot only once. When "Special" is selected, there is a possibility of additional shoots till the first miss.

Sound - sound effects switching on/off.

Animation - switched on animation can be adjusted by speed. If you require a fast game without any animation effects, switch off animation.

Your name - you can enter your name in this window.

Game mode - mode selection window. "Palm" - your opponent will be your own device. "IR" - a two device game according to "IrDA" protocol. "Bluetooth" - a two device game according to "Bluetooth" protocol.

Download MegaBattle:

Palm Palm 160x160 Colour compatible version

Download to PC Download MegaBattle to PC: [555.12 Kb]

Download strategy game


    Downloads: 3924 | 26 september 2007

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