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Star Command space strategy game

Star Command - space strategy game This is a re-creation of the old Star Fleet game of the early 80s, which was (of course) a Star Trek simulation. Names have been slightly changed for trademark purposes, now you fight Krutons (instead of Klingons) and Zingers (instead of Romulans)!

You have complete control of a starship and can manage over a dozen ship systems.

Features include:
- A variety of weapons systems at your disposal; torpedos, phasers, mines, tractor beams, and transporters. Destroy or disable enemy ships, board and capture them, and tow them back to starbase.
- Cloaked Zingers that can arrive in your quadrant at any time.
- Choose short, medium, or long missions.
- Rise in rank from Ensign to Admiral.
- Earn commendations along the way, depending on your mission performance.
- Increasing challenges; as you rise in rank, your enemies become more mobile and aggressive; they will attack your starbases, which will require your aid.
- Manage a security system to deal with intruders, which can sabotage your ship`s systems.
- Send out probes to explore the region of space you`ve been assigned to.
- Automatically saves the current mission, so you don`t have to complete a game in any one sitting.

Un-registered versions can play through the 3rd rank, Lieutenant, where cloaking Zinger`s begin to appear. Registration allows you to play beyond this rank and unlocks additional features and challenges. Can you become Admiral of the Fleet?

Visit the new Star Command site at to discuss the game, report bugs, and comment on features and options you`d like to see!

This is my first game for the Palm and first shareware as well. So if you find a bug or have a problem related to this game, please contact me and I`ll see what I can do.

Download Star Command:

Palm Palm 160x160 Colour compatible version

Download to PC Download Star Command to PC: [165.89 Kb]


    Downloads: 6678 | 26 september 2007

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