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Kamikaze2-Samurai - action and adventure java game download This time you start the game as a samurai but not as a weak peasant. Carrying out the quests, destroying the enemies by different weapons you may get more experiences; upgrade your features and weapons skill level.

The war had ceased. The enemy, strong and sly, had been defeated. Fujiyama, being unable to find a use for the great artifacts he has found, hid them in the ancient temple at the foot of Fujiyama, the mother of mountains, whose name he inherited by the birth.

Afterwards, Fujiyama has become a Ronin - a wandering samurai - he helped those poor and needy and made did good in the name of fairness, traveling between villages and towns. Though, wherever his way had led and whatever was his current occupation... once per year, at the same time, something forced him to return there, where he has hid the artifacts.

Thus it happened again. Suddenly awaking in a hovel of poor peasant who hosted him in gratitude for saving him from the brigands, Fujiyama felt the insuperable force drawing him back to the place which had become holy for him. "Huh, perhaps, I am chosen by the Gods?" - thought Samurai preparing for his trip.

Kamikaze2 will be issued in 3 parts: for playing as Samurai, Ninja and Monk. Each game will hold in it different unique quests, locations, weapon and other significant elements of the game.
Perfect graphics and animation
More than 10 picturesque game locations
About 10 diversified quests
4 unique characters, each of them has its own weapon mix light, hard and remote
Every weapon has its special animation
About 10 weapons and armour types
3 fighting skills of characters
about 10 parameters of the personage (including different weapon and fighting skills)
7 characters in all
you can go into constructions and other buildings
A global map helps you move easily through the game locations
Friendly, well done interface
About 3,5 game hours Controls: 4, 6, 2, 8 or joystick move 1 align hero to display center 5 shoot/strike 0 use skill 3 show map right displays button start/finish fight or step in fight left displays button show game menu For easy finding when moving through locations you may use tha map, that shows all avaolable locations. You can also browse the map, using move-buttons.

Download Kamikaze2-Samurai:

1. Supported Devices:

Sony-Ericsson: D750, D750i, K550i, K600, K600i, K608i, K610, K610i, K618i, K700, K700c, K700i, K750, K750i, V600, V600i, V630i, W200i, W550c, W550i, W600c, W600i, W610i, W660i, W700i, W710i, W800i, W810i, W810iv, Z1010, Z550a, Z550i, Z558i, Z610i, Z710i, Z800

Download to Mobile Download to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 939399

Download to PC Download to PC:
JAR file: kam2_samurai_sonyericsson_k700.jar [157.36 Kb]
JAD file: kam2_samurai_sonyericsson_k700.jad [533 b]

2. Supported Devices:

Nokia: 3230, 3250, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, 7650, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, N70, N70-1, N72, N91

Download to Mobile Download to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 939461

Download to PC Download to PC:
JAR file: kam2_samurai_nokia_ngage.jar [157.01 Kb]
JAD file: kam2_samurai_nokia_ngage.jad [523 b]

3. Supported Devices:

Samsung: SGH C300, SGH C406, SGH C417, SGH D407, SGH E250, SGH E300, SGH E310, SGH E310C, SGH E315, SGH E316, SGH E330, SGH E330N, SGH E340, SGH E340E, SGH E350, SGH E350E, SGH E360, SGH E370, SGH E376, SGH E420, SGH E630, SGH E630C, SGH E690, SGH E700, SGH E710, SGH E715, SGH E736, SGH E800, SGH E808, SGH E810, SGH P400, SGH P510, SGH T209, SGH T309, SGH T319, SGH T329, SGH U600, SGH X160, SGH X200, SGH X210, SGH X300, SGH X430, SGH X450, SGH X460, SGH X480, SGH X486, SGH X490, SGH X495, SGH X500, SGH X506, SGH X507, SGH X510, SGH X520, SGH X620, SGH X620C, SGH X630, SGH X636, SGH X640, SGH X640C, SGH X648, SGH X650, SGH X660, SGH X670, SGH X680, SGH X686, SPH A580, SPH A640, SPH A660, SPH A680, SPH A740

Download to Mobile Download to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 939534

Download to PC Download to PC:
JAR file: kam2_samurai_samsung_e340.jar [101.59 Kb]
JAD file: kam2_samurai_samsung_e340.jad [484 b]

Action and adventure game

Download and install: In most cases you will only need to download and install the .JAR file but if that doesn't work, you can try to download and install the .JAD file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.


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