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Pocket Humanity v0.889

Pocket Humanity v0.889 - free pocket pc game, strategy

Pocket Humanity is a turn based strategy game for Pocket PCs.

- Build and develop cities.
- Research technologies.
- Maintain diplomatic relations with foreign countries.
- Build and control differents military units.

Make sure to empty your Pocket Humanity folder, or uninstall it, before updating to this one, it will save you a lot of space!

Update Description:

- Sounds! No more units disappearing without knowing why!
- You can now lose! (technically anyway, it's still hard considering that the computers do not declare war... you've got to be really, really bad. No offense!)
- New save/load system.
- Support for aa guns (even if none are present in game).
- Support for buildings, small wonders and wonders.
- Bugs corrected: road/rails display, "black squares" on unseen sea cases.

- Better river generation system.
- Advanced display of roads and railroads.
- Governments and economies effects are now fully supported (the transition itself is still to come).
- Enhanced encyclopedia (most descriptions are still missing).
- Faster loading of bitmaps.
- Enhanced Previous/Next unit commands.
- A few bugs have been corrected since 0.882.
- Basic but working tutorial mode.
- 2 new languages, we now have English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Danish an Portuguese!

- You can now customize you nation.
- Tranports are now working proprely!
- New negociation system, AIs now trade between each others and will offer you exchanges.
- Basic governement, economic and slavery systems.
- Improved city window and drawing of roads.
- Rivers can now be used as roads. Known bugs:
- The "Go to" command has been disabled in this version because it often lead to errors.
- A strange error may occur when a player is killed, I haven't figured out the source of the problem but I can correct your save file if it happens to you, so be sure to report your bugs.

- Relation/intelligence windows have been updated.
- Rivers are for real now.
- Resources are now present but unused.
- Automated settler system now works, without being perfect.
- AI's control of planes.
- User input windows have been updated.
- Some new languages files and a city list.
- A lot of bugs are now gone.

Pocket PC
ARM Processors
.NET CF v1.0 SP 2 runtimes

Free Pocket PC game, strategy

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