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Hugo and The Evil Mirror Episode 1

Hugo and The Evil Mirror Episode 1 Beaver Fort - free java game free java game download free java game for mobile phone

On a cold winter day in their hut in the Tricky Troll forest the Hugo family is interrupted while making troll cakes. The evil witch Scylla were up to no good again and all she wants is to make life miserable for Hugo. With her she had an evil enchanted mirror with the power to trap any living being as their own mirror image.

She attacked Hugo with the evil spell and Hugo was trapped inside the mirror. Scylla then shattered the mirror and spread the three pieces all over the Tricky Troll forest. She left while laughing her evil laughter.

Trollerit, Trollerat and Trollerut must find the three pieces of the mirror to save Hugo. The first piece ended up in the dangerous Beaver Fort and Trollerit has to go and find it.

Supported Devices: 176x220

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Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 786861

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JAR file: hugo_and_the_evil_mirror_episode1.jar [191.58 Kb]
JAD file: hugo_and_the_evil_mirror_episode1.jad [544 b]


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