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Gilbert Goodmate v1.06

Gilbert Goodmate v1.06 - pocket pc game

Gilbert Goodmate PDA is an adventure game, where you play the part of a young man named Gilbert. As Gilbert, you will meet interesting characters, uncover clues and solve puzzles in order to advance the story.

Basic Game Features:
Over 40 hours of adventurous gameplay
11 cutscene sequences created just for the PDA - over 7 minutes in total
Detailed story with many thousand lines of dialogue
Brought to life with over 6,000 frames of animation
Interact with more than 50 interesting characters
Classic 2D style with beautiful hand-drawn locations
World's first point'n'tip action adventure game on PDA - use your stylus to play
Played in landscape mode - 320x240 pixel resolution
Support for lefthanded and righthanded operation
Excellent musical score with 26 unique tracks - over 50 minutes in total
Load and save your game progress
Chock-full of fun logical puzzles

window mobile smartphone gama adventure game

System Requirements:
Minimum of 26.2MB of storage memory and 12MB of application memory.
Can (and probably should) be installed on a memory card.
Works on Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 devices.

Pocket PC game

Download to PC Download Gilbert Goodmate v1.06 to PC:
gilbert_goodmate_v106.rar [8,94 Mb]


    Downloads: 5681 | 3 april 2008

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