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movie2go v1.0

movie2go v1.0 - pc pocket software

movie2go is an easy to use program that converts films for viewing on the Pocket PC with minimal loss of picture and sound quality. The program can convert all standard video formats and compresses full length films for the Pocket PC. Following conversion a feature length movie can easily be fit onto a 128 MB memory card.

Converts DVDs
Compatible with all standard video formats
Compatible with all picture formats
Easy to use
Fast compression
Creates WMV8 films
Creates WMV9 films

Min. Requirements: Windows XP Windows Mobile 2003

Pocket PC software

Download to PC Download movie2go v1.0 to PC:
movie2go_v10.rar [4,30 Mb]


    Downloads: 3661 | 24 april 2008

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