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Funky Ducky

Funky Ducky - symbian game
Back from the hit game Bubble Ducky, Ducky is here with an all-new fun and funky puzzle game! The river is backed up and Ducky needs your help! Help him move groups of logs, water lilies and turtles from the Caribbean lagoon before he runs out of moves! Create chains and loops of like items to clear the screen. The longer the chain, the more points you earn! Catch the jumping frog for extra moves, detonate the mine to clear out sticky areas and grab the wild card for a bonus!

Fun, intuitive, one-thumb mobile gameplay
The longer the chain, the more points and bonus moves Ducky earns!
Play in open-ended modes and get more moves by looping items
Power Up and Bonus items add a new layer of strategy and fun!
Laid back Caribbean style and music!

Symbian game

Download and install: You will need to download and install the .SIS file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

download symbian game to pc Download Funky Ducky to PC:
funky_ducky.rar [151.05 Kb]


    Downloads: 6769 | 12 may 2008
# 1    by: vanjaban | | (24 october 2008 01:31)


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I want the game Funky Ducky for PC!!!
I like it very much.
Thank you
With love, Sanela
Ps. This is for my friend s birthday present, for Vanja
# 2    by: lev444 | | (10 december 2008 21:33)


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a nice game :-)

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