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Nokia Audiobook Player Symbian 9.1

Nokia Audiobook Player Symbian 9.1 - education application Nokia Audiobooks the program which allows to listen to audio of the book on phone owing to very effective sound technology of compression optimized for a voice (AMR-WB). The program includes an audioplayer which allows to listen to audiobooks, to adjust bookmarks, automatically to continue listening from the interrupted place, and the program-converter of audio of books for a desktop computer.

SkyeQuiKey - Quick Find Contacts, Applications and Other - S60 3rd Edition 1.01:
Quickly find and action Contacts, Applications, Bookmarks and Other using direct key presses from your device idle screen! No more 'menu navigating' required! Just key in what you want! Saves you THOUSANDS of key presses!

SkyeQuiKey is an 'instant key-and-find' application using Skyestream's quikFind technology
Quickly find of Contacts, Applications, Bookmarks and Other Data on device
SkyeQuiKey reduces key presses and provides a 'global search' on your phone to quickly find what you want
Integrated seemlessly into the S60 user interface
Predictive-text technology used to minimise required input when entering search criteria
From phones idle screen, start typing and SkyeQuiKey will present a list menu of 'items' found matching the keystrokes
Contacts: Instantly start a call or send a message (SMS, MMS or email)
Contacts: Search for contacts by phone number (a feature not available in the built-in Contacts application
Contacts: Optimized Contact discovery. Contacts will be searched for using name, surname, company and email address fields
Quickly action a 'found' item. A single key-press will allow you to call, text or launch the item
Instant search results: High speed search algorithm used to instantly find and display search results
Configurable shortcuts: With a single click, compose an SMS, MMS, Email message or make a call
Frequently used activities also listed in the SkyeQuiKey main menu, for example: new SMS, new MMS, new Email
LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese "

Symbian application

Download and install: You will need to download and install the .SIS file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

Download symbian software to PC Download Nokia Audiobook Player Symbian 9.1 to PC:
nokia_audiobook_player_1.02_symbian_9.1.rar [947.93 Kb]


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