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Bikini Pool Battle

Bikini Pool Battle - mobile java game

In the little fancy town Pooltown people celebrate one party after an other. Nice girls bob up and down in great pools lying on airbeds and enjoy sunbathing. People dance, drink and they have fun...But the idyll is deceiving. Every host wants to make sure his party is the very best.

As a result you and your neighbours start a battle. You throw little spiky things over the fence into the pool of your neighbour in order to sunk some airbeds. If one of those airbeds is occupied by a girl, she will take a bath against her will and furiously leave the party to come over to join you. Your goal is to destroy all rival airbeds to place all girls on canvas chairs around 'your' pool. So your party will grow up to the best.

Bikini Pool Battle takes the classic Battleships to a new level
Lighthearted and funny presentation
2 gaming modes: Single Battle and Story campaign
Easy to play

Screen size: multiscreen

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Download java game to Mobile Download Bikini Pool Battle java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 832908

Download java game to PC Download Bikini Pool Battle java game to PC:
JAR file: bikini_pool_battle.jar [222.66 Kb]
JAD file: bikini_pool_battle.jad [451 b]


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