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Earth Navigator

Earth Navigator - palm software Earth Navigator is a powerful Palm OS application that displays an interactive map in your palm. You can also view the full earth map, coordinates, distances between points, population, the local time, day&night, track expenses and much more. It's fun, it's educational and for businesses! Unique navigation system for Palm OS devices!

EarthNavigator PRO database contains more then 53 000 cities
Search for cities:
- By title
- By stylus
High Resolution map
User friendly city search, track creator and editor ( use stylus )
Day / Night terminator
Custom tracks saver
Custom display settings
Adjustable scale of the map
Ergonomic interface
Easy to use
Coordinate grid with different formats
Selectable units for the calculation of distance and formats of the coordinates
Useful information for each individual city contained in database:
- Current time in real time;
- Populations
- GMT displacement
- Country
- Geographical coordinates
Capability of adding your own city
Capability of inserting destinations:
- Add cities or arbitrary geographical points to your trip
- Rearrange geographical points and cities within the trip
- Calculate distance between cities and points within the trip
- Calculate fuel expense in each leg of the trip
- Calculate expense money in each leg of the trip
Calculate trip expense based on mode of transportation (plane, car or default transport)
User-definable parameters for calculating expenses (distance, fuel consumption, fuel price)
Palm / Sony Hi-res devices 320x320 (16bpp color) support
Palm / Sony Hi-res+ devices 320x480 (16 bpp color)support
Palm / Sony Hi-res+ Landscape devices 480x320 (16 bpp color)support
VFS support ( SD, MMC, Memory Stick )
Palm OS 4.x / 5.x devices support
5-way navigator support

Minimum system requirements:
Palm OS 4.0
16 bit colors device
160x160 screen resolution

Palm software

Download to PC Download Earth Navigator to PC: [1.4 Mb]


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