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PocketMusic Player Pro 5.06

PocketMusic Pro advanced audio player with 10 - band EQ plays music in formats MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA.

There is a version of the interface with large buttons, work-oriented horizontally screen. On the Today screen can be placed "government" player, setting an appropriate plug-in to a "desktop". Improved quality of the EQ (it is optimized to work on processors XScale). Also program PocketMusic Player Pro "learned to" remember what the place has been stopped playing last time. And then there are the possibility of automatic scanning of all folders on the availability of audio files

PocketMusic Player Pro 5.06 - windows mobile software download Opportunities PocketMusic Player Pro:
-- Support for MP3, OGG, MP1, MP2, WMA in the internal memory, memory card, in the local network, the internet
-- Special adaptation to listen to audio books - Support Tab
-- Employment in landscape mode
-- The alarm clock and timer on avtovyklyuchenie
-- 10 band equalizer function and Extra Bass
-- Krossfeyding
-- You can set skins Winamp 2.x
-- Control Panel PocketMusic Player Pro on the screen Today
-- Working with musical libraries
-- The function of switching off the screen without a cessation of work
-- More

Supported Devices:
Windows Mobile 5, 6 and other versions.

Windows Mobile software

Download to PC Download PocketMusic Player Pro 5.06 to PC:
pmusic_player_pro-506_pda_full.rar [2.23 Mb]


    Downloads: 6786 | 23 july 2008
# 1    by: mahe | | (8 february 2009 11:14)


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anyone know how to instal this pocket muusic pro version?

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