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SmartComGPS - symbian software download SmartComGPS is a GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software for Symbian smartphones. It is one of most advanced GPS mapping software on the market.

SmartComGPS designed for the all Symbian phones. It is compatible with external BT GPS receivers, and internal aGPS receiver of Motorola A920/925/1000.

SmartComGPS can run without GPS receiver, as "mapping" software with namesearch ability, and on the contrary, without maps, as "GPS tracking" software. But, if you have a maps and GPS receiver - it is a best, and you can use all of SmartComGPS features.

Now you can download the last version of SmartComGPS not only on russian and english but also on italian, german, french, chinese (reductive), chinese (taiwanese), chinese (Hong Kong), spanish, portuguese, finnish, norwegian, danish, swedish, hungarian, polish, czech, slovenian, bulgarian, ukrainian, lettish languages.

In addition to all features of freeware MapViewGPS, SmartComGPS has the new great opportunities:
- Support of ozi explorer routes .rte
- Routes editor
- Track editor
- Automatic voice and visual instructions in follow mode
- Send SMS with position from map, automatic SMS sending by reqest or by timeout
- Receiving and showing SMS'es on the map
- Satellites screen
- Fast zoom out till 0,5%
- Playing sound on GPS events
- Index map mode
- Map border editor
- Flip closed mode in Sony Ericsson p800/900/910
- Toolbar
- Quick select follow mode window

Compatible Devices: Symbian 6.1, 7.0s, 8.0a, 8.1 S60
Developer: Wild Mobile

Symbian software

Download and install: You will need to download and install the .SIS file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

Download symbian software to PC Download SmartComGPS to PC: [568.9 Kb]


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