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Creatonia v1.07

Creatonia v1.07 - free palm software download The world Creatonia is populated with various creatures that may be friendly or hostile, that may be alike or different. But all the wars and feuds stop for the period of the Great Gods Uprising Tournament, and warriors from the very far parts of the world come to tourney.

Your sacred dream was to win this competition, and you manage it. But how can one live with a dream that has already come true? What is the next step? Youre getting terribly depressed after all that euphory. And one day, being in a bad temper, you tell your old Master that youve excelled him and have nothing to strain after.

He gives you a sly smile and claimes you might be possibly right saying youre a better fighter but youre nothing as a teacher. In the heat of the moment you declare youve learned all the secrets of the fighting art, and are able to make a new champion out of the least experienced warrior by the next tournament. So, unexpectedly youve got a new aim of you life.

There are plenty warriors eager to take lessons from a great master. Those naive newcomers somehow are sure that to be an excellent fighter and a good teacher is the same thing. However, according to the bet conditions, you may teach just one fighter.

But your choice isnt restricted with some requirements - you may take a warrior of any race or specialization, of any starting characteristics (but it only can be a novice), so the whole thing starts with picking up a character to teach.

Note: The activation code can be obtained here

More than 150 world areas
28 apprentices (exclusive characteristics + unique story of life)
100 characters
More than 400 types of items
More than 150 various skills
13 races
13 classes (specialties)

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    Downloads: 6008 | 21 september 2008

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