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CallFireWall v1.3

CallFireWall v1.3 - download pc pocket software CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls.

a. Accecpt all calls - pretty self explainatory
b. Accept call from My Contacts only - accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected
c. Reject all calls - pretty self explainatory
d. White List - accepts calls only from the white listed nos
e. Black List - accepts all call except from the black listed nos f. Black List Pattern - any no STARTING from the black list pattern list is rejected. for eg. if you enter "123", so all nos STARTING from "123" will be rejected this is a very nice option with which you can block nos from any particular network, country, city , area or whatever you can think of.
f. There is also an option to reply with an SMS.

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Download to PC Download CallFireWall v1.3 to PC: [53.93 Kb]


    Downloads: 4143 | 26 september 2008

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