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Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

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It's getting dark in New York's. Something evil is lurking in the night. The City is yet again infested with ghosts. Who you gonna call? Certainly the Ghostbusters! "Ghostbusters" was a 1984 fantasy-comedy film about three eccentric New York City parapsychologists-turned-ghost exterminators. They are now back to clean up New York. You are now in charge of the Ghostbusters team equipped with Laser Proton Guns. Your job is to capture a wide range of supernatural baddies.

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap - java phone game Gameplay:
As a one-button game, it's very easy to control. You may have the same impression as me, that this game is similar to "Magnetic Joe" by Breakpoint Games and In-Fusio, which is also developed by Most Wanted Entertainment. But as far as I am concerned, "Ghostbusters" is more funny.

Your task is to use your "proton streams" in order to drive the ghosts to the trap and capture them. Each Ghostbuster is strategically positioned in a direction. The ghost will be forced to go to the direction which is marked under the position the Ghostbuster stands. Caution!: These arrows are not always the right direction that guides the ghost to the trap. So wisely use your team members to avoid slime and drive the ghosts to where they belong.

All the obstacles are all well-designed, and as I mentioned above, sometimes you must have strategy in mind when using the "proton streams". For example, if a place looks too narrow to pass through, it may be just an illusion. You can pass without touching when you just let it go. It's just my suggestion.

Screen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 240x320

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Download java game to PC Download Ghostbusters Ghost Trap java game to PC:
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