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The New sensations in well familiar! You played in plays of the similar sort over and over again, but you have not seen nothing like this. The Cubes, looking like small piece of candy, bouncily and springy fall; as soon as three cubes of the same color unite, they begin to blink and disappear, and player gets the points.

The neat bright varicolored cubes possess not only pleasing form with smooth corners, but also (attention!) own weight and bounce. They are united in simple figures and under the action of its weight fall down within playing field. Hitting bottom, they springy strike, jump, giving pleasure by smoothness of the motion, unusual track record, expressive physics and simply its type. When one figure stops at the bottom of the field, another begins its smooth going down. Facing, they push each other away, changing positions. The figures accumulate, push one another, forming rows straight and not. When three cubes coincide on color, they disappear. For each vanished cube the player gets points. The player can control the figure, directing it to the left or to the right and up- and downwards so that maximum number of cubes of the same color to stand close and disappear.

The game has different levels: there are only three color of the cubes on the first level, hereafter amount of colors increases and the additional obstacles appear, for instance: at the beginning of each level some part of the field is already filled or figures fall down and disturb. The active figure, which player can control, is shown by the bright asterisks. Effects (twinkling asterisks in menu, sliding out menu) may be switched off by the player. There is a special point in Menu - Effects. Also the music can be switched on/off. The Interface of the play is simple, clear and nice-looking.

The play is simple and fascinating, beautiful and dynamic. The process of building straight lines drags the player into, causing joy and aesthetic pleasure.


- Real physics engine;
- Exciting gameplay;
- Opportunity to play with bounce;
- Variety of levels;
- Bright attractive graphics.

Genre: Puzzle
Screen Size: 240x320
Vendor: VisualMedia
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian

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Download java game to Mobile Download Flexis java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 052101

Download java game to PC Download Flexis java game to PC:
JAR file: flexis_240x320.jar [114.95 Kb]
JAD file: flexis_240x320.jad [538 b]


    Downloads: 7023 | 17 april 2011

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