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Marine Avengers

Marine Avengers Marine Avengers

Deep in the swamplands of a tropical rainforest lies the base of 'Vektor', an international terrorist organisation spreading it sinewy arms of death and destruction across the globe. As leader of the Alpha team of marine avengers, you have been tasked to seek and destroy this stronghold. Your only point of entry is the river of death leading up to the camp.


- Use 2,4,6,8 on your mobile keypad to control the paratrooper.
- Press 0 to select weapons.
- Press 5 to make the boat jump over the mines (keep your eye out for the warning light that flashes before the mines appear)

Genre: Action
Screen Size: 240x320
Vendor: Fugumobile
Language: English

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Download java game to Mobile Download Marine Avengers java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 706729

Download java game to PC Download Marine Avengers java game to PC:
JAR file: marine_avengers_240x320.jar [269.13 Kb]
JAD file: marine_avengers_240x320.jad [506 b]


    Downloads: 5275 | 6 may 2011

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