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Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix

Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix
Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix

Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix game for mobile phones. Corrodium meteors are hitting the Earth and the alien overlord Vilgax needs them to take over the planet! As Ben Tennyson, you are the only one that can stop him! Fight your way through 12 exciting levels facing an army of drones, forever knights, mutants and bosses in this frantic action-packed beat'em up adventure.

Features game Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix:

- The plot is based on the cartoon;
- 12 levels of play, 4 environments and 4 bosses;
- The diverse atmosphere of the game;
- The presence of codes and cheats.

Ben10 Game

Download and install: In most cases you will only need to download and install the .JAR file but if that doesn't work, you can try to download and install the .JAD file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

Download java game to PC Download Ben 10 Power of the Omnitrix java game to PC:
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_5800_s60_360x640_tou.jar [453.26 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_5800_s60_360x640_tou.jad [574 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6230_s40_128x128.jar [175.24 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6230_s40_128x128.jad [523 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6230i_s40_208x208.jar [333.08 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6230i_s40_208x208.jad [524 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6300_s40_240x320.jar [407.88 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6300_s40_240x320.jad [523 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6630_s60_176x208.jar [321 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_6630_s60_176x208.jad [523 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_e60_s60_352x416.jar [461.37 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_nokia_e60_s60_352x416.jad [522 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_samsung_corby_240x320_touc.jar [396.04 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_samsung_corby_240x320_touc.jad [499 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_siemens_cx65_132x176.jar [252.58 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_siemens_cx65_132x176.jad [492 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_sonyericsson_k500_128x160.jar [272.35 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_sonyericsson_k500_128x160.jad [497 b]

ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_sonyericsson_k750_176x220.jar [319.94 Kb]
ben10_power_omnitrix_ml_sonyericsson_k750_176x220.jad [497 b]


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I love this game and I want stay put to it.

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