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High School Hook Ups

High School Hook Ups High School Hook Ups
High School Hook Ups High School Hook Ups

In High School Hook Ups java game you will experience a terrible high school years, your goal is - is to finish high school with the best reputation, get as many friends as you can. Find the right words to seduce her friend, but try to avoid serious trouble and mischief, or to convince people that you did not commit.

High School Hook Ups Features:

- Acquire extensive experience in school;
- You have a number of mini-games that overlap with a touching story line;
- Chooses his words carefully to avoid bullies and detention;
- Seduce your lover, what would you have chosen prom king and queen of points!
- Graduate from high school with the best reputation, and friends;
- 13 cool characters, touching and charismatic personalities.

High School Hook Ups - play it now!

Genre: Other Games
Screen Size: 176x208, 240x320, 352x416, 360x640
Vendor: Gameloft
Language: English

Mobile game

Download and install: In most cases you will only need to download and install the .JAR file but if that doesn't work, you can try to download and install the .JAD file. Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

Download java game to PC Download High School Hook Ups java game to PC:
high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_6630_s60_176x208.jar [340.54 Kb]
high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_6630_s60_176x208.jad [347 b]

high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_5800_s60_360x640_tou.jar [1014.73 Kb]
high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_5800_s60_360x640_tou.jad [354 b]

high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_e50_s60_240x320.jar [1020.71 Kb]
high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_e50_s60_240x320.jad [347 b]

high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_e60_s60_352x416.jar [736.44 Kb]
high_school_hook_ups_en_nokia_e60_s60_352x416.jad [334 b]

high_school_hook_ups_en_samsung_corby_240x320_touc.jar [794.64 Kb]
high_school_hook_ups_en_samsung_corby_240x320_touc.jad [380 b]


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