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Night Fight

Night Fight Night Fight
Night Fight Night Fight

Under the cover of darkness, while the city sleeps, a strike force of low life terrorists have crawled out of their holes to take over the city and control its main institutions. As the only professional trained in low-light urban combat, armed with your trusted M16 rifle with night vision scope, take out these terrorists before they overrun the city and its citizens awake to a new and terrifying dawn.

Vendor: Fugumobile
Language: English
Screen Size: 240x320, 800x1280

Download android game Download Night Fight Game for Android:

night_fight_en_android_all_models.apk [3.5 Mb]


    Downloads: 6906 | 17 july 2012
# 1    by: njw | | (29 july 2012 15:54)


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