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Dont Feed Cat

Dont Feed Cat Dont Feed Cat
Dont Feed Cat Dont Feed Cat

A new and very addictive game for mobile phones, which will especially enjoy the girls!

Careful with what you feed Ferris the cat. Giving her the wrong food, and she just bloats in size! We know its really hard to resist, do try! Another IEC classic with great graphics and simple play. Enjoy!

Remember the time Mummy tells you never to feed the Monkeys in the park, and you still did it? Now you can do the same thing to Ferris the cat! Watch Ferris bloat in size as you stuff him with chocolate, cakes and goodies. For momentary easing of guilt, giving him the vegetables shall reduce the calorie meter…

Genre: Puzzle Java Games
Vendor: Interactive Exchange Company
Language: English
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 240x400, 320x240, 360x640, 320x320, 320x480

Dont Feed Cat Download Dont Feed Cat mobile game:

dont_feed_cat_en_motorola_v300_176x220.jar [339.32 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_motorola_v300_176x220.jad [450 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_6630_s60_176x208.jar [339.34 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_6630_s60_176x208.jad [451 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_samsung_d500_176x220.jar [318.62 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_samsung_d500_176x220.jad [449 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_sonyericsson_k750_176x220.jar [318.62 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_sonyericsson_k750_176x220.jad [454 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_lg_240x400_touch.jar [812.44 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_lg_240x400_touch.jad [445 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_lg_ke970_240x320.jar [408.97 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_lg_ke970_240x320.jad [445 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_motorola_e1000_240x320.jar [408.97 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_motorola_e1000_240x320.jad [451 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_5800_360x640_touch.jar [1.23 Mb]
dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_5800_360x640_touch.jad [489 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_6300_s40_240x320.jar [372.2 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_6300_s40_240x320.jad [451 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_e50_s60_240x320.jar [372.59 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_e50_s60_240x320.jad [450 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_e61_s60_320x240.jar [704.3 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_nokia_e61_s60_320x240.jad [450 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_samsung_corby_240x320_touch.jar [374.22 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_samsung_corby_240x320_touch.jad [484 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_samsung_d600_240x320.jar [372.23 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_samsung_d600_240x320.jad [449 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_sonyericsson_k790_240x320.jar [372.23 Kb]
dont_feed_cat_en_sonyericsson_k790_240x320.jad [454 b]

dont_feed_cat_en_sonyericsson_u1_360x640_touch.jar [1.23 Mb]
dont_feed_cat_en_sonyericsson_u1_360x640_touch.jad [494 b]


    Downloads: 6187 | 2 october 2012

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