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ExcreMan Christmas

ExcreMan Christmas - free java game for mobiles You could only dream about such a mobile game excellent gameplay, marvelous graphics and the coolest Christmas effects. A very beautiful arcade game stuffed with various obstacles.

This is game is the Christmas adventures of the famous ExcreMan.

Stinking, dirty and always vomiting Super Hero, traveling around the winter Sewerage world, teeming with dirty and dangerous creatures.
Fighting with hordes of ShitMen you can use a number of cool funny tricks: teleportation by washing-off yourself in the toilet bow, trampolines slippery hills etc.

Terrible and unthinkable world of Sewerage is waiting for you!

A perfect Christmas gift for you and your friends!

Main characteristics:
9 levels
27 sublevels
4 types of monsters
excellent animation
plenty of great music and sound effects for each event
Christmas ringtones and merry music sounds - the most quickest, fine game for any mobile phone
a lot of accompanying artifacts: teleports, trampolines, hills
inconceivable quantity of graphics: more than 80 sprites decoration, over 70 sprites of animation personage - easy in handling

Screen Size: All

Free java game for mobiles

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Download java game to Mobile Download ExcreMan Christmas java game to Mobile:
Open with your mobile -> enter Download Code 242850

Download java game to PC Download ExcreMan Christmas java game to PC:
JAR file: excreman_christmas.jar [135.26 Kb]
JAD file: excreman_christmas.jad [348 b]


    Downloads: 11918 | 2 december 2008
# 1    by: jfdjfjf | | (4 december 2008 21:58)


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# 2    by: oatdi | | (7 december 2008 04:21)


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Merry Christmas!
# 3    by: amar | | (10 december 2008 07:57)


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thank you
# 4    by: khan | | (17 december 2008 17:12)


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Merry Christmas!
# 5    by: drshazia | | (24 december 2008 10:38)


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# 6    by: asas | | (25 january 2009 15:36)


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merry christmas
# 7    by: N 72 | | (10 february 2009 04:31)


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# 8    by: feli | | (1 march 2009 00:17)


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# 9    by: Shelia31HURST | | (4 november 2010 03:59)


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Christmas Soon...

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