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YetiSports Games Pack Vol. 1

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YES! YETISPORTS is finally back on mobile!

Amusing fun sports title with the well-known characters Yeti and Pinguin

Here is your chance to play some of the most loved YETISPORTS games, now on your mobile. This unique YETISPORTS Games Collection Vol. 1 comprises up to 4* YETISPORTS games, inlcuding one never before released mobile version of "Penguin´s Revenge".

YetiSports Games Pack Vol. 1 - mobile java game YETISPORTS: Pingu Throw
"It all started with a club"

THE orignal and very first version of YETISPORTS. Hit the penguin with good timing and he goes off flying. Using the arrow keys, you control the angle of the penguin as he flies, and catches air currents (the closer to an ideal angle, the better the currents) to stay in the air. Hilarious!

"Hit the bulls eye"

In this game, the goal is to hit penguins into a dartboard with a snowball. An orca hits the penguins into the air, which the yeti then hits with a snowball. The point on the dartboard the penguin hits is determined by the angle it faces in the air and the height it is in its fall. Sounds complicated? Nah, it´s pure fun! Try it!

"Up the iceberg"

In this game, you play with 2 clicks. The first click starts the yeti windmilling his arms (which hold a penguin), the second makes him release the penguin, between two glaciers with seals sticking out at regular intervals. The seals hit the penguin higher, which is useful as the penguin will not go higher than 300 if thrown straight up, whereas with bounces it is possible to go substantially past 400. Given that the seals are always at the same place, the exact same angle of throw will give the same score, but chaos theory states that a tiny discrepancy in timing will quickly change it, because if the penguin hits one seal with a tiny change in speed the next seal will be hit with a bigger change, and the changes amplify until the penguin misses seals that were hit in the previous attempt with the almost identical timing. Sooooooo funny.....

YETISPORTS: Penguin Revenge
"Now it´s our turn"

This time, the penguins fight back. By pressing fire, the Yeti is thrown off the rock and the penguins below just wait for him to fall down so that they can launch their catapult and hit him real hard with the snowball.In the air, the Yeti might catch an Albatros, extending his airtime. Once on the ground, the penguins have 3 more golf-like strikes to perform to achieve the maximum distance and hopefully a new highscore. Aaah, revenge is soooo sweet!

Enjoy all this in the first ever YETISPORTS GAMES COLLECTION for mobile phones!

Screen Size: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 352x416

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Download and install: Depending on your phone, the file(s) can either be installed from the pc using the phone manufacturer software, or be transferred to the phone using Bluetooth, a memory card or a data cable.

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    Downloads: 26804 | 19 december 2008
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I like this
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good game
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Hi people!!!!!!
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Great game
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bully nice game for all ages

fantastic game
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free download?
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hello peeps this game is to good
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how to download it
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How does it become a game cos it heaps of different files
# 14    by: Alper | | (28 january 2009 16:09)


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really good game : winked
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this site is a rubbish
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i like this kind of pack
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Hamam Sabah Sabah
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