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Croc Hunter: Operation Rescue You must help The Crocodile Hunter free the animals kept in a secret prison deep in the jungle, guarded by evil poachers. Operation Rescue starts now! Beware!
Pipyakas Pro (BlueTooth) Brave Pipyakas, the offsprings of Bombermen, settled down in cozy world of watermelon trees. They struggle to keep their crops safe from Bombacks, snails, elephanthorns and vicious tribesmen.
Supreme Airfighter You are to take part in the hitherto unknown air-battles of World War II. You will fight with superior enemy forces agile fighters, battle airships, heavy strike fighters and huge flying fortresses covering half of the sky.
Beer Shooter Cheers. Ever thought to work at a beer fest delivering beer? Now you have the possibility to offer a really special service to the thirsty customers.


Fullmetal Fortress Protect the defenseless peaceful town from hordes of enemy tanks! Reflects projectiles, rockets and bullets, destroy hundreds of armored enemies, and troops the enemy.
Russian Mafia Russian Mafia is the best platforming arcade action fighting shooter ever! The greatest game with considered gameplay!
Gun Fever It gets caught a bit in the middle, too much shooting action for hardcore RPG fans and yet too much wandering around and talking for actionheads.
1916 Dogfight It is your chance to become a pilot in the cabin of one of the 7 realistic and historically accurate aircraft and take part in grim sky battles of The First World War.
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