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Legend of Hero - nokia, motorola java game This game requires Internet access on your phone.
About 1 thousand years ago, the current political situation varies violently. Bruce Lee was an orphan. He never knew who his parents were.
California Massacre - download free adventure java game On September 13th 1973, Thomas Hewitt, known as the infamous Leather Face, was sharpening an axe in his workshop in rage. Yesterday's mistake was simply tearing him apart with fury.
Operation Cobra - free java phone game You have to kill as many tanks, boats, planes as you can before the final, you can fire missiles and gun machine.
Thursday the 12th - download adventure java game With hands full up of blood, Slayson starts looking for new enemies. People seemed to be very fragile and their death did not more give satisfaction as before...


Space Cowboy - action and adventure java game Troy McCroy is the hero set to rescue the world from the mad space cows. A game full of action and adventures.
Super Yum Yum 2 - free java cell game The much-loved Super Yum Yum returns to mobile with a new mission, 4 worlds and 36 puzzling levels. Help Leon on his fruit licking mission to rescue his babies from greedy Tum Tum the Fruit Monster...
Brick Blaster 3D - Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson java game The classic brick breaker game 3D!
Captain Comet - adventure game Suddenly, out of nowhere, millions of robots are attacking the Mobility City.

With most super heroes living far far away, there is really only one hero that can stop these robots.

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