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Cruel Moon Space program - successfully started by Chinese - became a new base for mining and mass settlement on the Moon…
World of Dragons World of Dragons continues the tradition of classic MMORPG, where the player offers not only a huge virtual world, but also many opportunities, races, classes, items, monsters, spells and other things.
Robo Def Youre one of us - a warrior of 21 century. Soldier private army ROBODEF. In your hands a mobile terminal control of fight.
Sid Meiers Civilization 5 The simulator strategies phenomenal arrives on your laptop PC. Lead one of 20 historical civilizations of the Stone Age to the Space Age.


Zombie Mob Defense Style of play is the same as in the Dictator Defense, but there is a zombie, not soldiers. Also here there are new additions and improvements!
The Sims Medieval Playing The Sims Medieval gives players the chance to build a real medieval kingdom, controlling every character - from kings and queens to knights and magicians, blacksmiths and bards.
Revival Deluxe Colossal and tremendous adventure where you play the main role - you create the history of the world!
Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes You are the leader of a small tribe in the dream the spirits tell you the path to victory. Now his fate is only in your hands!
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