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Version Quest - free palm software game Norman is up for promotion but needs to get his final report to his boss. Help him gather the information he needs to complete his report and avoid coworkers who want to make unauthorized changes.
Colonization of Mars - download action game The aim of the game is to uproot the alien infection from the colony. You have ambulances, fire engines, military vehicles and army fighters. When an alien vehicle or shuttle appears, you should quickly find it.
3-in-1 Action Games - download action game Three great action games in a pack - Galaxy2, Duck Hunt and The Exterminator!
Temple - free Palm OS game The most impressive game for PalmOS
three towers
two minutes
but only one destination
three colors in one line


Travel Chum - palm software download Get the latest News, Sport, Traffic Incidents, TV Listings, UK stock prices, Weather and Train times from your mobile!
700 SOLITAIRE GAMES 2.03 - pyramid card game Fully working demo version - You can download SMPro and try it before buying to be sure it's right for you.
Over 700 solitaire games including Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Pyramid...
Best Fighter - palm os software download This is a great fighting game running on Palm. You can play 6 stages with increasing AI. You can control your character to walk, jump, and fire. It supports IR VS mode.
Nebulus - action game download You need to pass 8 levels (towers) one after another.
While playing the game you can move to the left/right as well as jump, shoot, go up and down in the lift, enter the doors...

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