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Solitaires Unlimited Solitaires Unlimited is a collection of 800 solitaires in a single package. You can find all popular solitaires in this collection as well as some new solitaires you have not seen in any other solitaires collection.
Pachinko Go! - pocket pc game It's a unique game which is kind of a cross between a vertical pinball game and a slot machine which is extremely popular in Japan (and growing more popular throughout Asia every day).
Crosstec VIP Casino - pocket pc free download We bring you the real excitement of playing in a casino VIP room.

Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold`em, 5 card stud. The most popular games in the world packaged in one...
Pocket Pai Gow Championship - window mobile free download Pai Gow - is literally translated from the Chinese words - "Tiles-Nine". The 32 tiles used are placed in eight stacks of four each. The dealer and up to seven players each receive one stack of four tiles.


CTCards - Casino Game free download A set of card games, including
- Blackjack
- Spades
- Blackjack Solitaire
- Blackjack Pyramid Solitaire
- Chinese Solitaire
- Freecell Solitaire...

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